Do you suffer from symptoms of BPH?
Are you concerned about preserving sexual function?
Are you unhappy with medication?
Are you concerned about the risks of Surgery?

About Medi-Tate  

Medi-Tate is an Israeli medical device company that deals in the R&D, manufacture and sale of innovative solutions for the treatment of BPH.

Our vision is to improve men’s care and quality of life by commercializing an effective, non-surgical solution for BPH.

Our flagship product, the iTind system for treatment of BPH, is currently CE Marked and available for sale in the European Union.

The iTind  

The iTind, is a temporary, 5 day implant designed to provide long-lasting relief of BPH symptoms through a short, non-surgical procedure.

The iTind provides immediate and long-lasting relief from symptoms with no side effects, and without the need for drugs, surgery or a permanent implant.